Marcus Dillon, CPA

November 4, 2015

As I sit here and begin typing all of this out about the rebranding effort that we have undergone over the past few months, I am reminded of my original thoughts that a “simple name change” would be an easy undertaking that we could knock out in no time. Man was I wrong! What started out as a “simple name change” turned into months of evaluating our firm of St. Jean, Dillon & Associates, PLLC and answering some really tough questions. 

Who are we? What are we good at? Who do we like to serve? Where do we need to be to achieve “ideal days” in our business and personal lives? How do we make it all work? These were just a few of the questions that began to shape the updated firm of Dillon CPAs, PLLC that we rolled out earlier this week.

The beginning of this process started after the most exhausting tax season I have encountered in my career.  Software conversions, new staff training requirements, additional client needs, and steady client growth contributed to long hours and high stress levels. We have always put our clients’ needs first and completed the task at hand, but I knew we needed to tweak a few areas to increase our efficiencies and the value that we provide to our clients. After many conversations with clients, peers, and mentors, I was able to begin painting the picture of what our firm could be moving forward and I became very excited about the potential opportunities that were presenting themselves.

The updates to the name, logo, and website are a preview of the new excitement for Dillon CPAs, PLLC and provide us an opportunity to draw a line in the sand as we seek to invest deeper in relationships. Our client, community, and family relationships have contributed to the success of this firm and will continue to guide us as we seek to improve the services we provide to closely held businesses and individuals. In the next few days and weeks, I will use this blog to begin sharing the answers to some of the questions asked during the rebranding process and how we are responding to increase the value from the service offerings we provide. 

Stay tuned!



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